Cryptocurrency scams

The internet is full of cryptocurrency scams. There are simple checks you can do to see if a company is legitimate or not.


Legitimate companies do not have fake images, fake documents, inconsistent narrative and most importantly ALL legitimate companies have a verifiable address. 

Take a Ponzi scam like Growth Affirm.

Claims to be registered and regulated in the Netherlands or as they say “registered and regulated in Netherlands” leaving out “The” of  The Netherlands – a typical amateur mistake.

Using a UK Companies House fake registration certificate.

The address on the contact page is an address in Pennsylvania in the USA

It seems beyond belief that anyone seeing these inconsistencies could possibly think they are dealing with a legitimate company but companies like this target certian types of people.

There are main types of people who are scammed by fake companies like Growth Affirm and similar plan based scams – the gullible, the greedy and the naive.


These scam companies can literally anything on heir websites no matter how fake as they know their victims will never question anything.

All plan based cryptocurrency "investment" opportunities are Ponzi schemes. In my experience ALL these plan based companies are scams.

No plan based “investment” company is safe but some are safer than others. This has everything to do with the creation date that can be discovered by using Icann Lookup or Whois in order to discover the domain information which will give you the creation date.

Icann will aloso give you the name servers. If this is NAMECHEAP (and it always is) then its a scam.

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Why do people send money to these plan scams?

The main reason people believe in these scams is because they want to. They want to believe they can get something for nothing.  Essentially they are motived by greed. The people behind these scams target gullible & greedy people out to get somerthin gor nothing and they have a limitless source of gullible people.


People believe what they see on a website and then without checking to see whether to company is legitimate they will send off a deposit and they will earn interest on their deposit.

They repeat the process and every time they get paid, the trust they have grows and they will send larger sums.

These people will be victims when the people operating the Ponzi scheme decide they have enough money on deposit and they disappear.  

Why do these plan based companies need your money?

Buxine plans 1
Buxine plans 2

Think about it.

If you had a company that could generate between a 9% and a 17.5 % week return every week – why would you need investors?
Why not simply take out a $2m bridging loan for 30 days at a service cost of around $65,000 and generate $350,000 a week for 4 weeks and make $1.4m for yourself?
Why bother with offices?
Why bother with staff?
Why bother with wages and overheads?

The obvious answer is that these companies cannot possibly generate anything like 17.5% a week or even 17.5% a month.
In 1979 Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Investment Fund did a remarkable 111%.
Buxine Assets whose plans are displayed above are claiming to be able to do 910%!!
This is 9x better than Warren Buffets greatest ever performance over a 50 year period.

The ONLY way that Buxine and all the other plan scams can payout is with other peoples money which is a classic Ponzi scheme.

A warning about imToken


Its not safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I was scammed out of $500 because a scammer took advantage of imToken’s non-existant security and was able to hack into my imToken wallet with ridiculous ease and steal my funds.

To read more about how I was hacked and how easy my imToken wallet was compromised then go here.

Scammers list - some of these companies have already gone, some are new

Guldvik Investment

Website created 2nd December 2021

Domain hosts – NAMECHEAP

Guldvik Investment

Guldvik Investment

Guldvik are a recent addition to the long list of scam “investment” companies. Being new they are relatively safer than any of the scammers that are over 4 months old which is the danger period.

Levron Enterprises

Levron Enterprises

Levron Enterprises

Levron are the latest in a long line of Ponzi scams and this website has only recently been created.

As all Ponzi schemes need victims, Levron are a safer bet than similar plan based companies and its likely they will pay out (with other peoples money) for the time being.

Levron Enterprises

Website created 17th January 2022


Domain hosts – NAMECHEAP

Reichsmark Investment



It would appear that Reichsmark have pulled the plug. There are several new comments on my YouTube video claiming Reichsmark are not longer paying out and are attempting to scam even more money out of their victims

Reichsmark gone
(Links to YouTube comments about Reichsmark)
Reichsmark Investment

Website  created 3th July 2021

Domain hosts : NAMECHEAP


Website  created 19th February 2021


Domian hosts: NAMECHEAP 







Website created 26th October 2021 Domian hosts NAMECHEAP Take a look at HybridTrade