Reichsmark Investment

Why is Reichsmark Investment a Ponzi scam?

Reichsmark Investment fails the most basic due diligence as all these Ponzi scam do.

There are 2 steps you need to take before you send money to a plan based company like Guldvik.

The Guldvik Investment (scam) website was registered on  2nd December 2021. 

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step 2
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Reichsmark Investment

If the NAMESERVERS are NAMECHEAP – its a scam!

Reichsmark Investment
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Reichsmark Investment Update

I posted an update to my original Recismark video in December predicting that the company was likely to disappear any time soon as the scam was 6 months old which is always the critical period.

Comments on my YouTube video would indicate Reichsmark have now gone or at least they are not paying out but still taking deposits.

According to one of their victims:

I invested also in this scampany. Many joined last November 2021 mostly from Hong Kong and Philippines. But we can no longer withdraw any amount since December 23rd. Reichsmark send us email stating that we need to top up another amount to our account for our reactivation and insurance for us to continue investing and able to withdraw. But none of the people who followed if able to withdraw, there maybe 3 people but after that no one can withdraw. It’s been more than month now, the support are not responding they also not seeing our messages.

So as expected Reichsmark have gonme and taken all their clients money with them as ALL these plan scampanies do. 

You cannot get something for nothing in this world!!!

These scams target peoples greed and gullibility – don’t be a victim!!!

Watch a video on why Reichsmark Investment was a Ponzi scam and remember - this company has now closed down and taken all their clients money

Not all blockchain/cryptocurrency opportunities are scams

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