Levron Enterprises

Why is Levron Enterprises a Ponzi scam?

Levron fails the most basic due diligence as all these Ponzi scam do.

There are 2 steps you need to take before you send money to a plan based company like Levron Enterprises.

The Levron Enterprises website was registered on  the 17th January 2022 and use NAMECHEAP webs servers.

step 1
step 2
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Levron icann

If the NAMESERVERS are NAMECHEAP – its a scam!

Levron SD
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Why Levron Enterprises is a scam

Have a problem with Guldvik Investment?
Need to speak to someone?

Forget it.

Tell me what legitimate company would have a contact phone number. 

Has ANY legitimate company ever existed that has no telephone number? Its simple not realistic and screams scam!

Fake documentation and certificates

Levron Enterprises
This is Levron's evidence of legitimacy - a fake document

The FSRA is the licensing agency for the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario.

There is no mention of Levron Enterprises on the FSRA website and the license number 20100011606418704 does not exist.

The fake document is dated August 2019 yet the website is dated 17th January 2022.

Levron fake certificate
This certificate is fake

Preston Milbourne or is it Adam Ramsey?


So casual are these scammers that they (correctly) believe their victims are easily mugged so they do little to make their websites authentic.

The same scammers use the same images across all their companies.

Simple due diligence would discover this but its the gullibility and greed of people who use these plan based scams that blind them to the truth.

Watch a video on why Levron Enterprises is a Ponzi scam

Not all blockchain opportunities are scams

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