HyperVerse Membership

How to join and fund your account

Membership Registration Page

The transaction pin is any 6 numeric digits - please remember your pin

Log into your account

Funding your account

Once you have registered and you have logged in, you will see your dashboard



Select deposit

Deposit address

You have a choice of chains to use in order to deposit our membership fees. Only TETHER (USDT) is acceptable as the deposit cryptocurrency.
USDT-TRC20 has fees of just 1USDT. The ERC20 network can be slightly more exensive.

Once your deposit has reached your deposit account - select membership

Select membership
Membership 1
Membership 2
Membership 3

Membership cost $3000, $1000, $500 or $300.  There is also the $50 rebuy membership.

All memberships convert at 3x cost, so a 3000HU hits your pending rewards at 9000Hu and this is paid back to you at .5% of the purchase price (15hu) over the following 600 days until that membership is completed (3000HU * .5% = 15HU per day for 600 days = 9000HU)


Rebuy membership selected

Confirm membership
Confirm purchase
Enter transaction password

Enter your transaction password



You will be sent a confirmation email and then if you check the order, you will see it in your account and your pending rewards will be 3x whatever membership you have purchased and this will membership begin to be returned to you at .5% over the subsequent 600 days.
* takes 24 hours to begin processing.


Order placed