Why is HybridTrade another scumbag Ponzi scam?

HybridTrade fails the most basic due diligence as all these Ponzi scams do.

There are 2 steps you need to take before you send money to a plan based company like HybridTrade.

The HybridTrade website was registered on 26th October 2021.

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step 2
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If the NAMESERVERS are NAMECHEAP – its a scam!

Hybrid score
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HybridTrade use NAMECHEAP as their web hosts – why is this significant?

Namecheap scammers

Fake documentation and certificates

Hybrid logo

On the HybridTrade website they have a link to Companies House.

They say their company nuimber is 13481811.

Yet follow the link and the details of H Traders Limited are displayed.

Hybridtrade/H Traders Limited????
This is supposed to be the same company is it?
If the scammers were called H Traders then why not call themselves H Traders?

How do these scammers get away with this?

Its easy. 

These scammers target people who are naive, gullible and greedy and unfortunately there are thousands if not millions of people out there that fall into this category.

What has Hybridtrade got to do with H Traders Limited?

Absolutely nothing apart from the fact that HybridTrade have ruthlessly used H Traders in order to look legitimate.

These scumbag scammers think nothing of stealing legitimate companies identities and using them for illegal purposes.

HybridTrade Companies House
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Companies House

The website also has a link to this fake document.

This is supposed to be the Companies House registration of HybridTrade.
This document has been forged. You know this because under “Given at Companies House Cardiff” they have included the address of the fake address of the company. Legitimate Companies House Certificates do not have this. There is no address of the company on a legitimate document.

Fake images

Hijacking of HyperVerse

Al Zaki Engineering
Click on the link top go to Al Zaki website

These 2 people are from the Al Zaki Engineering Company whose offices are at Shabeeb Tower, Khalifa Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Al Zaki fake

These 2 people are 2 people employed by HybridTrade. Incredible that 2 different companies have such similar looking employees.

No logo
Taken from the Hybrid website

Notice the image above and the image on the right?

How come the image on the right has HT on the helmets and the image above doesn’t?

Its not hard to work out – its faked like everything about the company.

No logos

What score do HybridTrade get on Scam Advisor?

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Plan based "investment companies"

Every single plan based investment opportunity is a scam.

There are NO exceptions.

They are ALL scams.

Avoid ALL plan based companies like BloxTec unless you like losing money.

Watch this video to understand why Hybrid Trade are a Ponzi scam

Don't be a victim of greed!!!

Plan scams tap into people gullibility and greed.

Don’t be a victim!!

Not all blockchain and cryptocurrency opportunities are scams

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