Guldvik Investment

Why is Guldvik Investment a Ponzi scam?

Guldvik fails the most basic due diligence as all these Ponzi scam do.

There are 2 steps you need to take before you send money to a plan based company like Guldvik.

The Guldvik Investment (scam) website was registered on  2nd December 2021. 

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step 2
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If the NAMESERVERS are NAMECHEAP – its a scam!

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Why Guldvik Investment is a scam

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Tell me what legitimate company would have this on their website?

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Fake documentation and certificates

Fake Guldvik
That should read "with" not "in" the Norway business authority

Guldvik Investment AS are indeed registered in Norway with the registration number #922662029 however the fake scamming Guldvik have shamelessly hijacked the legitimate Guldvik’s registration details and are masquerading as them.

The plan scam Guldvik have nothing to do with the Norwegin Guldvik AS and are most likely operating from the USA or Eastern Europe where most of these scams are hatched. 

Real Guldvik
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Notice that the real Guldvik was incorporated on 25th February 2019 yet the fake Guldvik Investment website  was only created on 2nd December 2021.

Watch a video on exactly why Guldvik is a Ponzi scam

Not all blockchain opportunities are scams

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