Why you need to be invested in cryptocurrency

Erik Finman - cryptocurrency
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$800 turned into $240m!!!

When few people had heard of BITCOIN, Erik Finman spent $800 of the $1000 given to him by his granny for his college fund on BITCOIN.
In April 2021 those $800 worth of BTC were worth $240m.
Now although the BTC ship has long since sailed away, there are opportunities presented every day to make life changing sums of money by investing in the right cryptocurrency asset.

Shiba Inu  was the stand out performer of 2021 with the token soaring more than  44,600,000% in 2021. This means had you bought $200 of Shiba when it was launched it would have been worth  $8,920,000 at its peak.


One thing is certain - you will never make money with cryptocurrency if you have none!!

Where to start?

There are 2 steps you need to take in order to take advantage of cryptocurrency.
You need a broker where you can purchase cryptocurrency.
You need a reliable and dependable exchange.

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A broker

Coinbase is the worlds leading broker.

Its easy to buy crypto on Coinbase and its easy to exchange between assets.

What you cannot do on Coinbase is trade cryptocurrency and for that you need an exchange.

The OKX exchange is the one I use.

An exchange

On an exchange you can trade your cryptocurrency for any of the assets supported by the exchange.
OKX are one of the worlds best and support hundreds of different digital asssets.

My latest two cryptocurrency picks

Its impossible to know what digital asset/token is going to do well in the future. Not all assets survive so you could lose all your money if you pick the wrong one. I’m not a professional financial adviser so that must be remembered and everything I say is my opinion and not to be considered as financial advice so that said I’ll tell you the 2 digital assets I believe are well placed to appreciate and they are Molecular Future and Shiba.


Molecular Future (MOF)

Molecular Future is one of the 4 digital assets owned by the giant HyperTech Group. The HyperTech Group are a group of companies that include HyperVerse, the worlds greatest membership rewards company.

If you don’t know anything about HyperVerse then email or message me and I’ll send you a link to watch a company presentation and links to the daily webinars.

Why I like Molecular Future

Molecular Future climbed from a low of under 1 cent in July 2019 to $2.37 in Decmeber 2021.

The assets was then forked (diluted) and the circulatiing supply increased from 87m to 87b.

Following the fork ,the price jumped to .00778 and then stablised at .0044. It climbed to .0055 but then steadily declined over the next few months falling to .0006 cents.

That appears to be a floor and the price then steadied at .0008 before surging higher to .0014. 

In the last few weeks the price has tracked sideways and looks poised for a move north (this update was posted 20th March 2022).


MOF chart
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From a technical viewpoint, a banner/pennant or flag formation under resistance suggest a push higher breaking the resistance is likely.

This is why I believe MOF is an exceptional buying opportunity.


Why I like Shiba

SHIBA is a meme coin created in August 2020 by an anonymous person or group known as “Ryoshi”. Its names after the Shiba Inu a Japanese breed of dog that originates in the Chubu region of Japan. Its a decentralized cryptocurrency and has been characterized as a “pump and dump ” asset which means that the asset has no real value and only exists for the originators to inflate its desirability and hence its price only to be “dumped” or sold off making a huge profit.

Because of this SHIBU is a highly risky asset and investing in SHIBU is an out and out gamble that may pay off or it may not. 

From a technical standpoint the price of SHIBA has carved out  a wedge/flag/pennant formation and this type of formation usually break out north so it remains to be seen if we seek a sharp hike higher. If we do and the price can reach the early February highs of .000035 then this might a good place to sell.

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