Why is BloxTec another scumbag Ponzi scam?

Bloxtec fails the most basic due diligence as all these Ponzi scams do.

There are 2 steps you need to take before you send money to a plan based company like BloxTec.

The BloxTec  website was registered on  19th February 2021.

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If the NAMESERVERS are NAMECHEAP – its a scam!

BloxTec scam
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Fake documentation and certificates


On the BloxTec website they have a link to Companies House.

The link displays the registration details of a company called BlockTech Limited.

Incredibly these scammers seem to think that anyone seeing BlockTech Limited will think its BloxTec.

Unfortunately these scammers target people who are naive, gullible and greedy and unfortunately there are thousands if not millions of people out there that fall into this category.

What has BloxTec got to do with BlockTech?

Absolutely nothing.

These scumbag scammers think nothing of stealing legitimate companies identities and using them for illegal gain.

BloxTec registration
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Is BloxTec legit? (No - of course it isn't)

BloxTec legit

Hijacking of HyperVerse

HyperVerse is part of the Hyper Tech Group. The Hyper Tech Group have been A.S.I.C. listed since 2014.
They are looking for 30 million members before they list their I.P.O.

BloxTec have shamelessly hijacked the legitimate and exceptional opportunity that is HyperVerse and are claiming to have a partnership deal with them.

This is nothing more than an outrageous and despicable lie.

No legitimate company would have anything to do with these thieving scammers and HyperVerse has NOTHING to do with BloxTec

BloxTec and HyperVerse

All the people who run these scams are uneducated amateurs.

HyperVerse is HyperVerse.

It is NOT HyperVerse Inc.

This is the type of casual mistake that these scammers always make.

Just a little due diligence and you will be able to see through these scams.

Plan based "investment companies"

Every single plan based investment opportunity is a scam.

There are NO exceptions.

They are ALL scams.

Avoid ALL plan based companies like BloxTec unless you like losing money.

Watch a video on why exactly Bloxtec are a Ponzi scam like all other plan based companies

Don't be a victim of greed!!!

Plan scams tap into people gullibility and greed.

Don’t be a victim!!

Genuine blockchain/cryptocurrency opportunities

There are genuine blockchain/cryptocurrency opportunities that are not scams.

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