Step by step guide to Hyper Fund

Step by step instructions on how to open a cryptocurrency account and select a Hyper Fund investment plan

How to open a Binance account

Click on the link above and you will go to the binance create account

Enter your email address

!! In order to join Hyper Fund you must have a gmail email address !!

If you do not have a Gmail email address then you will need to set one up as
you will not be able to register for Hyper Fund without a Gmail email address.

Enter email your address and a password of your choice

Complete the puzzle and you will be sent an email verification code

Insert the verification code

And you have successfully opened a Binance cryptocurrency account!!

Setting security features 2FA and Google Authenticator

Binance is a very secure platform and has several levels of security. If you navigate to your account and select security you will see that your security will 0/4
Select Setup under 2FA and Phone verification

First ask for a verification code to be sent to your email address – this code will be valid for 20 minutes which gives you plenty of time to ask for the phone verification code.

Retrieve your email verification code and enter it in the box shown and then ask for a phone verification code to  the number you supply at Enter phone number.

Once you have input these codes successfully you will be taken back to the Increase your account security screen and your security will have changed to 1/4. 

Once 2FA has been completed it is advisable to set up Google Authenticator. You will need to download the Google Authenticator App from the App Store or Google Play. Google Authenticator works by marrying your phone to your computer. Once you have used your phones camera to scan the QR code then your Binance account will registered on your phone and when you go into Binance you may be asked to enter the code displayed when you open the Google Authenticator app. 

Make a note of the code displayed and store this safely
The first time you do this you will need to ask for email and phone verification again.
Once completed the screen should look like this:

How to purchase uSDT on binance to purchase a hyper fund rewards pack

From your Binance dashboard  select wallet and Fiat and Spot. Under search coin – enter Tether 

This will open a second screen where you will have to select USDT


Enter the amount of Tether (USDT) you wish to buy. If you intend to purchase a $300 rewards pack you will need at least $301. If you intend to buy a $500 rewards pack you will need $501 and for a $1000 pack – you will need $1001. There is a $1 charge to send Tether to Hyper Fund. For safety’s sake it would be advisable to purchase a few more Tether than you need.

 Follow the prompts 

Once the processing has finished you will see the confirmation that the funds are in your wallet

And when you check you Fiat and Spot – the funds will be showing

Next login to hyper fund with the referral link supplied

If you haven’t yet registered you will need to do so making sure that the Referral username is ralfkdean.
Your username can be any username you choose. 
Your password can be any password of your choice. 
Verification code you will get from your email address.
Your transaction pin should be a 6 digit numerical number (make sure you make a note).

Click the large My Deposit Address button on the Home page.

Make sure the blue dash is under USDT-TRC20

Next you will have to return to your Binance account and set up this address so go to Fiat and Spot and select Withdraw.

 Select Address Management 

Select Add Withdrawal Address

First select the coin for the address.


You cannot mix and match cryptocurrencies and wallets. What I mean by this is you can only send BITCOIN to a BITCOIN wallet or ETHEREUM to an ETHEREUM wallet. So, as you are sending USDT (Tether) to a USDT wallet you need to select the coin for the appropriate wallet.


So select USDT as the coin and paste the address you have copied from your Hyper Fund account. Add a description for this wallet relevant to your Hyper Fund account.

You will also have to select Binance from the pulldown options under Address origin.

Do not forget to tick the Whitelisted box.


You will need to enter security confirmation

Once completed you will have setup the whitelisted Hyper Fund address.

So return to Fiat and Spot and select withdraw 

So make sure USDT is selected and the address is the one you have just entered.

You will need to enter 301 as the withdrawal amount in order to send 300 USDT to your Hyper Fund deposit account (includes $1 fee).

Click Withdraw and you will see a confirmation screen.

 You will have to pass verification again.

 Once done you will get a confirmation message


Depending on how busy the network is, the transaction should complete after a few minutes. You can see the state of the transaction here. Should you ever need to know the transaction id – you can find it here.

 Return to your Hyper Fund dashboard and you should see the $300 in your deposit account.

 Navigate to the Home screen and you will see an option to purchase a Hyper Drive pack. 

This will open an option to purchase a $300, a $500 or $1000 membership.

This will open an option to buy multiple $300 rewards packs should you have more funds in your deposit account to do so. 

You will need to enter your transaction password


Once done a message will be displayed confirming your purchase.


And when you view your purchased membership you will see that your $300 rewards pack is worth $900 and this will be released to you at .5% per day.


How to do a rebuy on hyper fund

As your rewards are released back to you at .5% per day you will receive your passive rewards. Any members you introduce to Hyper Fund will purchase their own rewards pack. Whatever rewards pack they take out, you will receive a Hyper Drive reward depending on the value of the packages purchased.

Your Passive and Hyper Drive rewards will accumulate in your rewards account on the Accounts tab.Once you have 50 HU in your account, you will be able to do a rebuy.

By selecting the large Purchase Hyperdrive Membership banner you will be taken to the purchase options screen.

If you have sufficient funds – you will be able to do a 50 HU rebuy so click the Rebuy option. I am showing 53.47 so I will be able to do a 50 HU rebuy.

Accept the next screen.

And confirm your purchase.

Enter your transaction password.

And you will have made a successful purchase.

If you return to your hime screen and see what your rending rewards are they should be as they were.

But do a refresh and…………..


And your 50 HU rebuy has been added to your Pending Rewards at 3x cost and your rewards will increase by 150 HU and that is how you do a 50 HU rebuy or how you purchase any rewards pack.

If you have any questions please use this form