30 reasons to join Hyper Fund Global

Hyper Fund is the Gold Standard of cryptocurrency investment

Hyper Fund is unique and this is a unique opportunity.

Hyper Fund the ONLY cryptocurrency investment opportunity that is offered by a group of companies (Hyper Tech) that will list on the Hang Send at the end of 2022 making this the only stock market listed blockchain investment backed by a stock market listed company.


30 reasons to join hyper fund

Hyper Tech are the worlds largest and most diverse blockchain group on the planet

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Blockchain Global
CollinStar capital
Hyper BC

1. Hyper Tech – soon to be listed on the Hang Seng making Hyper Fund the worlds only stock market backed investment opportunity.

2. Blockchain Global – founded 2014 – a multi-billion group founded in 2014 with 22 offices globally with over $300 million invested in over 80 blockchain projects and companies
including NEM A a $1.4+billion project and TRON a $2 billion project with partnerships with Governments and Fortune 500 companies. Listed on the A.S.X.

3. CollinStar – founded 2015 – the worlds largest blockchain venture capital company with over $400m invested in over 300 blockchain companies plus interests in 40+ cryptocurrency exchanges and12 of the worlds top 20 cryptocurrencies and owner of BW one of the big 4 Chinese BITCOIN mining companies who generate 60% of all the worlds BITCOIN.

4. HCASH – founded 2016 and includes Hyper Pay, the bank with the worlds first and only $50,000 a day VISA backed spend and a company in partnership with IBM working on advanced blockchain quantum resistant security.

5. Mars Mall – Hyper Tech’s online shopping mall where goods can be purchased with fiat or cryptocurrency.

6. CollinStar with a 3% stake in Binance one of the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

7. QTUM a CollinStar I.C.O. listed company – pre ICO price .30c – today $56.67 – a 19037% return on investment and just one of over 300 CollinStar involvements including Aeternity (pre-ICO .04c now $5.25 a 12,400% return), OmiseGo (pre-ICO .29c now $23.88 a 8047% return) and Bytom (pre-ICO .2c and now .58c – a 2947% return).

8. HyperBC – a licensed bank where your cryptocurrency holdings earn 10% p.a. and you can spend your crypto in 176 countries safely and securely.

9. Owner of 2 cryptocurrency listed coins – the HyperDao (HDAO) and Molecular Future (MOF).

10. Owner of the HOO Cryptocurrency Exchange.

11. Ongoing official Government partnerships with Australia, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, Montenegro and Denmark.

12. Triple your investment – a $1000 deposit repays $3000.

13. A $50 rebuy that pays you $150.

14. 20% commission on all and every referral investment which means that 1 x $1000 investment returns $25,200 to the investor and pays you $5,040 in referral income over a 21 month period.

15. Withdraw your profit at any time or reinvest at 3x the value.

16. $1 charge for deposits.

17. No charges for withdrawals (other than exchange fees).

18. Option to withdraw to the Hoo Exchange and trade your profit.

19. Hyper Talk, the soon to be released social media platform where crypto can be send seamlessly between friends and family.

20. Being a member of a company that at the end of 2022 will list on the Hang Seng with all the member rights associated with that listing (stock options, pre-list share price).

21. A group featured on a 6 part Amazon prime major blockchain documentary “Next Blockchain”. (Watch this here).

22. The largest and most diverse blockchain group in the world.

23. Ryan Xu knowns as the King of Cryptocurrency CEO and Founder.

24. The worlds ONLY cryptocurrency backed investment opportunity backed by a stock market listed companies.

25. Investment plans from just $300.

26. A truly unique investment opportunity from a company that doesn’t want your money but if you send them some money they will return it to you 3 fold in gratitude for you to spread the word about cryptocurrency and the opportunities Hyper Tech offer.

27. Hyper Tech have offices in 22 countries with head offices in New York, Shanghai and Australia.

28. World class opportunity with genuine and unique references https://tinyurl.com/kawkx6

29. Daily and 3x weekend webinars.

30. Community support program on Telegram.

Ryan Xu Founder

Ryan Xu - founder of Hyper Tech - his vision

Ryan Xu believes that everyone with a bank account should have a cryptocurrency account. 

Only 1.3% of the worlds population have a cryptocurrency wallet and he wants members to spread the word about cryptocurrency.

In order to facilitate this and to grow Hyper Fund and achieve the 30 million members he is looking for, he is prepared to pay you.

However much you invest in Hyper Fund Global, Ryan Xu will triple it. 

A $300 investment pays back $900. A $1000 investment pays back $3000.

But that’s if you don’t do anything with your accumulated profits. By using a rebuy strategy you can return $6,100 on your $300 investment and you can return $25,200 on your $1000.

Not only that, recommend and enlist a friend and you will earn 20% on each and every investment that your friend makes.
Enlist 2 friends and earn 20% on each friends investment and 15% on the investments that any members that they introduce. Refer 3 people and earn a 3rd level of commission worth 10%. 

Hyper Fund community rewards

How it works

Don't delay

When Hyper Tech list Hyper Fund on the Hang Seng at the end of 2022, these investment opportunities may no longer be available so don’t delay.

Click the image to join Hyper Fund - it's free!!!

Want to see what Hyper Fund is all about? why not attend one of the daily webinars?


All the webinar presentations
Monday 14:00 GMT Hyper Fund presentation with Rob T

Tuesday 18:30 GMT Hyper Fund presentation with Kalpesh Patel
Meeting ID: 824 0004 0371
Passcode: july13

Wednesday 18:30 GMT Hyper Fund presentation with
Kalpesh Patel
Meeting ID: 824 0004 0371
Passcode: july13

Thursday 18:30 GMT Hyper Fund p
resentation with Kalpesh Patel
Meeting ID: 824 0004 0371
Passcode: july13

Friday 14:00 GM
 Hyper Fund Presentation with Keith Williams
Password: 1991

Saturday 10:00 GMT Technical Training with
Keith Williams and Amanda Lee
Password: 1991

Saturday 15:00 GMT Leadership Training with Keith and Kalpesh
Password: 1991

Sunday 15:00 GMT Technical Training with Keith and Amanda
Password: 1991

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