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 I’m Ralf K Dean and I’ve traded the FX markets since 2005 .

I offer my knowledge of Forex and cryptocurrency to anyone looking for advice. 

I offer free and impartial advice on how to trade forex, forex brokers ( I recommend RoboForex) , cryptocurrency brokers and exchanges, how to trade cryptocurrencies, blockchain opportunities, blockchain membership opportunities and how to identify cryptocurrency scams.

RoboForex offer everything a trader could ever need to trade.

Ultra tight spreads, deposit bonuses, forex, metals, stocks, a range of platforms – MT4, MT5, cTrader, WebTrader and R Stocks Trader.

They also have a trade copying facility where you can copy the companies best and most successful traders.

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Would you like to get money back for trading even when you lose?

Premium Trading
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Premium Trading will pay you to trade if you open a trading account through Premium or if you link your existing account with them.

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The RKD Disciplindicator

RKD Disciplindicator

The RKD discipline indicator – the Disciplindicator brings discipline to your trading.
Rather than trawl through all your charts, the RKD Disciplindicator gives you an instant snap shot of the market.
The indicator displays up to 30 user defined trading pairs: FX, commodities, crypto, precious metals – the choice is yours.
Information displayed reading from left to right is:
Trading pair, current price, distance to WS2 pivot support, distance to WS1, WPP, WR1 resistance and WR2 resistance.
Todays open, distance from the open.
Yesterday’s high, distance from yesterday’s high.
Yesteryday’s low, distance from yesterday’s low.
Price distance from 200 EMA (or SMA) to M1 time frame.
Price distance from 200 EMA to M5, M15, M30, H1 time frames.
RSI value on M1 time frame and M5, M15, M30, H1 ,H4 and D1 time frames. 
All levels can be user programmed.
Have alerts sent to your phone when levels are reached.

All you need to do to get this indicator 100% free of charge is either open a new trading account with the worlds leading Forex broker – RoboForex
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Copy a World class trader

If you follow the link above under Forex you will be taken to the Forex site (or go here).

We team up with safe and exceptional traders from across the world to offer fully managed FX trading accounts.

The trading record of our principle trader is excetional. All the data shown under the FXBlue account is authentic.

If you have a forex account and you would like out trader to trade it for you then please message us with the supplied form and we will discuss terms.

Remember, our trader will be trading your live account but only you will have access to your  funds. 


Click on the logo to open a Coinbase account

COINBASE is one of the worlds biggest and best brokers.

 There’s no reason NOT to have a COINBASE account. Its worth having because they periodically give away free cryptocurrency.

Just complete an impossible to fail crypto quiz when new asssets are launched and you’ll receive some of those assets absolutely free!

Earn with Coinbase

Although you can trade one digital asset for another asset with COINBASE you cannot place market and limit orders or trade cryptocurrency in the full sense.

If this is something you would like to do, you will need to have an account with an exchange like OKX or Binance.

Binance exchange


Binance are the worlds largest cryptocurrency broker/exchange . You can purchase cryptocurrency through Binance and either swap if for a different asset or you can trade it through the Binance exchange.

These options are a tiny fraction of what is avaiable to anyone with a Binance account. Go the cryptocurrency link above to finmd out more or click the logo below to open a BInance account.

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The OKX exchange is another popular exchange and is my preferred platform for trading cryptocurrency.

You can follow the cryptocurrency link above (or here) and watch videos on how to trade on the OKX platform and how you can earn free cryptocurrency just by logging into the platform.


Click the logo to open a free OKX account

The greatest membership opportunity on Earth


Would you like to hear about the greatestblockchain membership program on Earth?

This opportunity is backed by one of the largest and most diverse blockchain groups on the planet.

They own the 4th biggest BITCOIN mine in the world.
They own the worlds only bank with a $50,000 VISA & MASTERCARD spend.
They own cryptocurrency exchanges.
They have over half a billion dollars invested in over 400 blockchain/cryptocurrency startups around the world.
They are the worlds largest known blockchain venture capitalists and own 3.9% of Binance.
They are investors in 12 of the top 20 digital assets.
They have digital hardware wallets.
They will be launching a blockchain social media platform as well as a blockchain news channel and video hosting platform.

They have mining contracts, asset investment options, defi opportunities and much much more.

YOU can be a member of this exceptional blockchain group that have been A.S.I.C. registered since 2014.

For more information drop me a line using the form below and I’ll tell you more about this company and send you a link to the official company presentation and links to the daily company webinars where you can learn more about this outstanding opportunity.